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Katie & Taylor live in San Diego, California but chose to get married in Taylor’s family home in Bishop, Georgia — right down the street from my studio!  They found my services through a vendor referral (and I’m SO glad they did!), and I also offered recommendations to help make their long-distance planning a little easier.  To complicate things even more, Taylor proposed to Katie the day before he left for training for the Marines, so Katie had to take the reins in the planning process and wait until she could communicate with Taylor to ask questions and confirm plans.

They ultimately decided to have an intimate ceremony in Taylor’s childhood home during the short amount of time he’d be home before deploying.  But their main reason for choosing the location and timing was so they could include Taylor’s mom, Becky, in the joyful occasion.  Becky’s health had been declining, and it was important that she get to see her son marry the woman of his dreams.  However, God’s timing isn’t always ours, and Becky passed away just two days before the wedding.  Fortunately Taylor had already gotten to Georgia and was able to say goodbye before she passed.

When telling me about Becky, also referred to as “Mama Q,” Taylor & Katie described her as a “firecracker” of a lady, full of love and life.  They honored her memory throughout their wedding day through pictures, tokens, and stories.  Katie’s bouquet was wrapped in the charm bracelet that Taylor had given his mother years ago, and Katie embroidered a handkerchief for Mama Q that read “Taylor would not be the man I love today if it were not for you.”  I especially loved looking at Taylor’s parents’ wedding photos from back in the day… I think the fact that Becky’s dress was purple — her “signature color” — says a lot about her fun-loving personality.

Another aspect of their day that didn’t go quite according to plan was the weather.  Days before and after were sunny & beautiful, but on their wedding day, it rained… pretty much nonstop.  In fact, they take the cake for my rainiest wedding day ever photographed.  But if any couple could make you forget about the rain, it’s Katie & Taylor.  They had such awesome attitudes and embraced the rain as a special part of their day.  Thank you to the Bishop House for letting us use the covered porch for outdoor pictures.  Between covered areas, umbrellas, and an assistant, I was able to keep Katie & Taylor mostly dry and still get some great photos. :) I even covered my lighting equipment in plastic and placed it in the rain in order to eliminate the raindrops in some shots.

While not everything went according to plan, Katie & Taylor’s day was a joyful occasion indeed and oh so special.  “In sickness and in health and until death do us part” took on a new meaning for them as they recited their vows.  Looking back, they’re so glad that they were able to have that special day in the home where Becky last was. And they’re thrilled to be planning their new life together. They honeymooned at Disney and have made the most of every moment together before Taylor deploys again next week.  And I feel very blessed to have captured these precious memories and met two absolutely incredible people.

Hair & Makeup: Maddie Marissa  ||  Florist: JL Designs  ||  Cake: Cecilia Villaveces  ||  Caterer: Home.Made  ||  Rings: Spencer’s  ||  Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal  ||  Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

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