I believe that every woman – all ages, sizes, and shapes – is beautiful and strong. And my job is to make you believe it. No need to wait till you "get in shape" or lose "x" number of pounds... Let me show you how stunning you are RIGHT NOW. These sessions are about kicking negativity to the curb and celebrating the body you’ve been given. My goal is to pamper you, celebrate you, show you how gorgeous you are, strengthen your confidence, and leave you with images that WOW you.

My absolute favorite part of the experience (and why I do this in the first place!) is watching women walk out of the studio with their head a little higher, their smile a little bigger, and a new confidence in their steps.

My goal with all of my photography is to make my clients feel loved and confident and beautiful… and what better platform to use than boudoir?! By stripping away the outer layers and entering a place of vulnerability, I am able to really change people’s perspectives and help them see themselves in a new light. You can call it whatever you want, but essentially I see it as a self-love session, and it’s an experience I believe EVERY woman deserves.

some of my favorites...


So I did a thing: Boudoir Photos! I can only try and describe the absolutely amazing experience that I had. Claire is SO encouraging and happy for you as she’s taking these photos. She helped pick the outfits and was basically gushing over everything. You can tell that she LOVES her job and what she’s doing, and it really transfers over to you as the subject. I’ve never felt more comfortable in my life, funny enough! When I received the full gallery - I was absolutely blown away. This was an INCREDIBLE experience. Hands down the best one I've ever had in front of the camera!

— Peggy

The day my photos were taken I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world. I felt sexy and desirable and most importantly, confident in my body -- all things I haven't felt in quite some time. For me personally, the last ten years have been a struggle with my body image and confidence. I’ve quite literally doubled in size—thanks hypothyroidism and PCOS. I knew I needed to do something to revamp my self-image, so I booked a session with the incomparable Claire Diana. I cannot express enough how amazing Claire & her makeup artist made me feel. I’m not sure there is a better hype team out there. It was a wonderful experience that left me smiling for days afterwards and makes me smile every time I look at my photos from that day. I truly cannot recommend this experience enough.

— Nicole

The whole experience exceeded my expectations by a mile. Leading up to the shoot, Claire was incredibly quick to respond and always happy to answer anything big or small. The day of the shoot, I got pampered by her hair/makeup artist, and then Claire and I went through all the outfit choices I brought and made a game plan. Claire made me feel so beautiful and sexy throughout the entire shoot and always made sure that I was comfortable. I never once felt weird or uncomfortable. I did the shoot just because I wanted to. It wasn’t for any one else but me, but let me just tell you... when I saw the pictures I wanted to share them EVERYWHERE. Claire is truly an artist, SO incredibly talented, and just all around a wonderful human being. I can’t give Claire enough stars or endorse her enough. 

— Allie

The Experience

I know firsthand how nerve-wracking it is to be in front of the camera, and that's why I focus on making this experience as comfortable as possible for my clients. From the beginning stages of selecting outfits to the final Reveal of your images, I am here to hold your hand and walk you through the entire process. I'll be your biggest cheerleader and ensure that you look your best at all times. Just don't mind me if I start jumping up and down with excitement... because that sometimes happens.

My sessions are typically held at my studio in Athens, GA, but I am open to traveling.

Because of the intimate nature of boudoir, many of my sessions never appear online. I respect the desire for full privacy! Please reach out if you’d like to see more of my boudoir work.

My boudoir experience is custom-tailored to each individual client. I’d love to tell you more about the process and hear why you’re interested in the experience (I mean, who wouldn’t be?!). 

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