Shannon & Loren
Downtown Athens Georgia Engagement Photographer

December 17, 2014

Something I was reminded of this Fall is that every now and then you have to shoot for yourself.  Let me explain.  As a photographer, I’m hired to create beautiful images for my clients.  Most of the time, the client chooses the location, the theme, the outfits, the desired “feel,” etc.  While I love the task of taking photos for my clients, sometimes it’s necessary for my creative juices to photograph something solely for me.  All artists need a boost in creativity every now and then, and for me that comes from either shooting something completely new or challenging myself by shooting in a way that I haven’t before.  The last time I shot for myself was in October when I photographed in a cotton field, a location I had always wanted to try out, and I absolutely love the images I created.  Some people even commented that they were the best of my work.
This past week, I decided to shoot for myself again.  This time it was actually to challenge myself and to improve my skills with nighttime flash photography.  While I love calling myself a “natural light photographer,” knowing how to use flash is hugely important, especially when you’re a wedding photographer and most of your receptions happen in dimly lit venues.  With the Christmas lights gloriously illuminating downtown Athens right now, I figured it would be a great time to try out new flash techniques.  I asked a couple to model for me while I experimented, and we simply walked around downtown Athens and tried new things with zero pressure to create anything specific.  I want to thank Shannon and Loren for cuddling up in the cold night air and being amazing models while I played around.  I also want to thank Emily Selby for stepping in last-minute to help hold lighting equipment.  I love the images we created, and I can’t wait to take more gorgeous night shots at future weddings.

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