Claire’s energy and positivity has been infectious since day 1 of asking her if she was available. Not only that, but she was integral to actually planning our wedding day as she is a seasoned wedding vendor who has seen it all and photographed it all. She knows how to assure brides (and grooms) throughout the planning period and makes sure they have thought of all of the details, even if those details do or do not relate to photography. And to top it all off, she is so easygoing during the day of that it made us feel so at ease and less stressed–and when there are a bunch of moving pieces like on a wedding day, it is so worth it to have a photographer like Claire that makes things easier, happier and more special. I haven’t even talked about her photography yet! But WOW. Claire holds a special type of talent that I can only describe as magical. Not only is she a master of lighting and angles and lenses and shots, but she somehow also captures moments and emotions that I have not seen matched by other photographers. So you get absolutely jaw droppingly gorgeous photos that also hold so much MEANING it nearly oozes off the screen and into your hands. I literally can’t stop looking at our photos–they’re on my phone, my computer, my screen savers, in frames, our beautiful photo album… We’ve been married now for three months and I already can tell how much value that will hold years and years down the road to be able to look back at our gorgeous photos and remember that perfect day. It wouldn’t have been perfect without her. I can’t think of a better investment throughout the ENTIRE wedding-planning process than hiring Claire. She is truly the full package… and then some.

— Alyson & Eric