I will admit it: I did a great job of relaxing the morning of my wedding and getting ready rather leisurely… But as soon as things really started happening and our “timeline” really had to start, I was panicking deep down inside. After so many months of planning, it was all I could do to keep myself from thinking about whether all the details were coming together and if everyone who was helping with our big day was getting everything done that I couldn’t do. There are definitely parts of my wedding day that I want to relive, because I feel like I was too distracted to really enjoy them. That’s where Claire was worth every penny. As soon as we did our “reveal” with her, all the joy, all the laughter, all the happy tears came back to me and I remembered immediately all the incredible moments of my wedding day that were so special. I didn’t think once about all those tiny things that went wrong or the things that kept distracting me during that day – all I saw were the tears I cried during the ceremony and our giant smiles during pictures and how much I laughed during our first dance. Who would have known that it kept raining off and on that day?? Not through Claire’s photos! I honestly cannot say enough about how wonderful she is – so insanely talented, incredibly efficient, and a beautiful soul to be around. Claire will help you forget anything ever went wrong on your wedding day (if anything does!). Each photo will remind you of every special moment shared, every person who was there to celebrate with you, and how amazing the day really was. We continue to get compliments on how beautiful our wedding photos are and how professional and efficient Claire was during our wedding day. THANK YOU, Claire, for everything!

— Rachel & Murray