love gives way sex traffickingDID YOU KNOW?

Atlanta is one of the largest hubs in the world for sex trafficking.

Most children in the U.S. are between the ages of 12 and 14 when they are trafficked.

The average lifespan of someone trafficked is 3-7 years, due to abuse, attacks, sexually transmitted diseases, malnutrition and suicide, among other causes.


I was born and raised within an hour of Atlanta, and I was completely unaware that this was happening all around me. It isn’t just found in the inner-city; sex trafficking is found in high-income metro-Atlanta neighborhoods, in tiny rural towns, you name it. Yet it remains largely hidden.

The wedding industry in the United States alone is a 40 billion dollar industry. The total market value of human trafficking is estimated to be more than 32 billion dollars. I am proud to be a vendor of Love Gives Way, an organization that is dedicated to channeling money from the wedding industry to help the victims of sex trafficking. Our goal is to raise awareness and connect with wedding couples who desire to use their wedding day to make a difference in someone else’s life.

“At Love Gives Way, we believe there is nothing more beautiful than when a couple decides to leverage their wedding day, which marks their selfless act of love and commitment to one another, in order to aid in the restoration of someone who has had a part of them selfishly stolen by another for their own gain.” To read more about how it works, visit


Love Gives Way supports many different organizations around the country that fight sex trafficking. I am proud to be partnering with Out of Darkness, an organization in Atlanta with the mission to reach, rescue, and restore victims of sex trafficking in the city. I would love to tell you more about this amazing organization, as well as show you the special Love Gives Way package I offer to my brides and grooms where a portion of my profits goes directly to fighting sex trafficking in Atlanta.