Before & After: Glasses

November 12, 2012

Today I had a family session with an adorable and lively boy named Cash!  I’m fairly unexperienced when it comes to photographing children with glasses.  With adults, I can take my time, use patience, play with the lighting, and instruct them to angle their heads in different ways.  With kids, this is a whole different ballgame, because many times the BEST shots are when the child does something spontaneously and adorably.  The shots that really show their personalities happen so quickly that I often cannot prevent glare or reflection in their glasses.

Here’s a Before & After of a shot that I took of Cash that I just HAD to save. 

I did some basic adjusting with sliders, and then went to work on his glasses.  My favorite part of this edit is that it allowed me to use my knowledge of light in relation to colors.  If you have something blue, a yellow can help cancel it out.  Reds and greens work together like this as well.  *Women who wear makeup know that a green Concealer neutralizes red pimples. :) 

Tools:  Saturation brush, Clone tool, Color palette

Claire Diana