Macro Fun at the Botanical Gardens
Athens GA Photographer

July 14, 2020

Needless to say, 2020 has been full of unexpected twists and turns. I’m not sure anyone could’ve predicted that we’d be in the middle of a pandemic, that the world would shut down, that events & trips would cancel, that schools would close, that many people would lose jobs — and some, their lives. I definitely didn’t know that I’d go 2 full months without doing what I love most: photographing people. I didn’t know that my spring & summer weddings would all postpone or turn into elopements. I didn’t know that I’d miss out on the bulk of UGA’s senior season. I could go on and on.

But one thing I’ve been trying to do during this stressful time of unknown is focus on the positives. I’d be lying if I said that COVID-19 hasn’t allowed me new opportunities and growth. I’ve gotten to spend more time with family & Ladybug, I’ve had time to completely redo my website, I’ve begun working out consistently and learning to love fitness, I’ve picked up a sport for the first time in my life (pickleball!), and I’ve gotten to pick up my camera for things I typically would never photograph. I’ve stretched my creativity and abilities by photographing personal projects and things other than my clients.

One morning a couple weeks ago, a photographer friend convinced me to wake up early and spend a few hours quietly exploring the botanical gardens in Athens. I know the gardens like the back of my hand from doing so many client shoots there, but I’d never slowed down and trained my eyes to see the tiny movements of bugs, the intricacies of flowers, the way light hits morning dewdrops. I am used to macro photography when photographing the rings and other small details on wedding days, but I’d never entered the world of using macro photography in nature. It turns out that forcing myself to slow down and be quiet & observant was super therapeutic, relaxing, and fun! I don’t often share images like these on the blog, but I thought maybe someone would enjoy seeing what I saw that morning. There is so much beauty out there… and maybe we just need to spend more time looking for it when the world around us seems so dark.

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Claire Diana