Chasing Light in the Forest

July 7, 2013

This session is unlike any I’ve done before, because it was solely for me, based on ideas and concepts I’d always wanted to try out. Every now and then I think it’s necessary to take a break from the “norm” and test yourself to create something new and different. A couple months ago, I had new camera gear and ideas flowing left and right, so I asked my beautiful friend Sam to help me. I had always wanted to try a whimsical session in the forest when the light was peaking through the trees, and Sam and I were blessed to find the perfect setting at the perfect time. She also happened to have the perfect dress to go with the umbrella I had just purchased (I’m obsessed with all things white). I love how the images turned out. Their perfections and imperfections. The fact that every single one of them, no matter how much they stray from typical “rules” of photography, makes me smile. 

Claire Diana