The Dream Team

The first time I used the term “dream team,” I was joking with my second shooter and assistant in order to get them pumped up before a wedding day.  Somehow, the phrase stuck, and I even began hearing other vendors at weddings refer to us as the “dream team.”  Over time it unintentionally became a part of our brand.  What I love about this phrase is that is captures a main goal of mine: to provide a dream experience to my clients.  And I’ve only been able to do that by bringing on amazing & talented team members who share in my mission!

My team consists of myself, a second photographer, and an assistant, and we all have unique roles we fill during a wedding day.

The Second Photographer

Just like I have backup equipment, equipment insurance, and liability insurance (three necessities!), I also have a professionally trained second photographer who will step in as a primary shooter if an emergency situation causes me to not be there.  Having the peace of mind that another photographer is there and ready to capture your day if anything happens is priceless.

With a second photographer, it’s as if I’m able to be in two places at once.  My second photographer is normally with the groom & groomsmen as they get ready, while I prefer to stay with the ladies. :)  That precious moment when you walk down the aisle?  My second shooter focuses on your face while I set up the perfect angle to capture your groom’s expression.  And after the ceremony when I’m taking family portraits and sunset photos of the bride & groom, my second photographer is already at the reception covering the decorations and guests mingling.  As you can see, we aim to optimize the coverage you receive so that every precious moment & detail is captured.

The Assistant

One of the best changes I’ve made to my business was when I started bringing an assistant with me to weddings, making us a team of three.  My assistant is now a crucial part of the experience I provide my clients.  She is there to help pin boutonnières on the groomsmen.  She is the one who spreads out your dress’s train perfectly in your portraits.  She holds your bouquet when you want your hands free.  She acts as a second pair of eyes and “detail checks” to make sure I didn’t miss anything in photos, such as a crooked tie or sunglasses on your uncle’s head.  She helps set up my external lighting so that I can continue shooting but be ready at a moment’s notice for the next event of the day.  Basically, she’s one more person in your corner so that you can set your worries aside and fully enjoy every moment of your special day… After all, it goes by quicker than you’d expect!

So that’s the dream team!  Now let’s make your dreams come true!