Katherine & Kévin

September 10, 2014

Katherine and Kévin have such an amazing love story that bridges two continents and cultures. Katherine has always had half of her heart in France even before meeting Kévin.  She studied abroad in France and loved learning French and learning more about the culture. Kévin and Katherine met in France when they were both resident assistants at Georgia Tech Lorraine. After a summer together overseas, Katherine’s visa expired so she had to return to the states… And it turns out that Kévin had to finish his degree at the main GA Tech campus, so they took the same plane to the US!  Their time in the US is when they actually began dating and fell in love.  Since then, they’ve traveled back and forth during various stages of their lives, made a long-distance relationship work, and finally agreed that they didn’t want to continue saying “goodbye.” Kévin proposed to Katherine, and the long process of visas, paperwork, immigration restrictions – you name it! – began.  This couple has been through a LONG journey, and I was honored to photograph their backyard civil ceremony last June when they first tied the knot. Kévin and Katherine embody the commitment and love that everyone aspires to in a marriage. Their wedding day PART II happened on August 9 at Cedar Plantation. The location was beautiful and everyone had such a positive attitude even when it began to drizzle. Katherine glowed inside and out the entire day, and I’ll be forever grateful that I was able to be a part of TWO celebratory days of her life.

Claire Diana