Hannah’s Bridal Session
Atlanta Athens GA Wedding Photographer

February 8, 2016

This next month is full of so many bridal sessions for my 2016 brides, which makes me so happy!  One of my brides, when discussing her upcoming session, asked “Do many people do bridal sessions?” And of course I answered “Yes! Tons!”  But it then dawned on me… people probably have no idea just how many bridal sessions I photograph because most of them never hit the blog.  Unlike my other shoots, I can’t immediately share photos from bridal sessions since the dress is a secret before the wedding.  And after the wedding, I get so excited about sharing the wedding photos that sometimes I forget to blog the bridal session!

Reasons I love bridal sessions:

1) Trial run!

It’s a great idea to do a trial run with your hair stylist & makeup artist prior to your wedding day.  You will learn how long your hair and makeup will likely take on your wedding day and how exactly you like it done (often times you make changes once you see it on you!).  You will also be more confident going into your wedding day if you have already successfully achieved the look you are in love with.

2) Wear it twice!

Why buy an expensive dress that you love and feel like a princess in… and only wear it once?!  If your hair and makeup is already done, let’s throw that dress on and take some photos!  You’ll love having these relaxed and beautiful portraits of yourself in your gown.  And if you’re on a tight schedule on the day of the wedding, it’ll provide peace of mind knowing that some wonderful bridal portraits are already checked off the “shot list.”

3) Switch it up!

While there are definitely some “pros” to taking your bridal portraits at your wedding venue (consistency in the photos, doing a walk-through with your photographer, gaining inspiration for the wedding day), you also have the ability to switch it up!  If you’re getting married in the winter but have always dreamed of being photographed in a field of wildflowers in the spring, you can do that!  If you’re getting married in your hometown but want exotic photos on the cliffs of Ireland, you can do that too! :) 

Below is Hannah’s bridal portrait session at Primrose Cottage in Roswell, Georgia.  I love her dress from Bride Beautiful and her long cathedral length veil!  Enjoy!


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