A Princess Proposal

February 5, 2014

Congratulations to Callie and Regan!  Yesterday I was blessed to not only meet this sweet couple, but to photograph the special moment when Regan asked his beautiful girlfriend Callie to marry him…  And she said yes!!  The proposal was a surprise of epic proportions and took a whole team to pull off with perfection.  

The women at Dover Grace Alternative Boutique in Watkinsville, GA are friends with Callie and have used her as a model for promotional photo shoots in the past.  So when they designed her a Princess Belle dress (Callie absolutely loves Disney) and asked her to model for another shoot, she didn’t think anything of it.  Little did Callie know that her “Beast” would step out in the middle of the shoot and get down on one knee!

Nicole Yearwood from Town Center Salon & Spa came out to do professional hair and makeup for the “photo shoot.”  Nicole’s amazing work along with the gorgeous dress that Dover Grace custom-made turned Callie into a princess!

Callie then went over to Ashford Manor Bed & Breakfast for the “photo shoot,” where I took a few shots downstairs and then led her to the gorgeous White Room where Regan was hiding.  The photos show just how shocked she was.

There were so many other details and so much coordination that went into making this a perfect moment, and I want to again thank the sneaky women at Dover Grace for all they did, Nicole Yearwood for working her magic, and Ashford Manor for providing such an incredible venue for the occasion.  Oh, and the other models who showed up and also got dolled up for the “photo shoot.” :)  Yesterday was a fairytale for this princess, and tomorrow they’re off to Disney World to celebrate!  Notice the Hidden Mickey in her ring, anyone?  All thanks to Regan’s custom designing.  He of course deserves the most credit for this awesome proposal.

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Claire Diana