Brittany & Brian

October 7, 2014

I’ve been waiting for this day…  Meet Brittany and Brian.  These two are very special to me, because they’re one of the first couples I ever photographed.  They contacted me for a “couples session” right as I was starting my journey with photography and building my portfolio.  We had a lot of fun during the session — they both brought instruments to play since they were Redcoats at UGA and have a passion for music.  I remember thinking “One day they’ll get engaged and hopefully I’ll get to take their engagement photos.” Since then, they’ve kept in touch and remained big supporters of my photography.  Brittany always sends me words of encouragement, and when she recently got engaged, she immediately contacted me and said two things: “WE WANT YOU” and that she’s having an unplugged wedding because she trusts that I’ll take care of the photos… are my clients awesome or what?!  I cannot wait for Brittany and Brian’s big day in February!  Until then, enjoy some of their engagement photos! :)

I really wanted to take a shot like this if only to recreate one of the photos I took of them years ago…
Claire Diana