Erin & Michael

February 13, 2014

Erin and Michael’s engagement session was absolutely incredible.  It feels weird to say that I met Erin just a few months ago, because it feels like I’ve known her for much longer than that.  You’ve probably seen me post photos of her before, because she’s so gorgeous that I’m always asking to take pictures of her!  Her engagement session with Michael was such a joy, because I finally got to meet the man of her dreams and capture their overflowing love for each other.  I learned during our session that if I turn my back for even a second, Michael has either swept Erin off the ground or they’re dancing.  I’m not even kidding… They swing dance, and it’s probably the cutest thing ever.  I had to be quick with my trigger with these two!

We split the session between two days since Michael could stay in town for a bit, and really because we wanted the sun to make an appearance – and it did the second day!!  I get so ridiculously happy when the sun comes out for my sessions, and I think you’ll see why below.  The first day we shot at a new location for me: the Chase Street Park Warehouses, and I loved the architecture!

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Day 2: Sunlight, more dancing, and an amazing quilt.

We were playing a game called “How many things can we do with this awesome quilt?” and building a Tipi tent sounded like a good challenge. :)

Claire Diana