Holli & Scott
Athens Wildflower Engagement

June 10, 2015

Everyone knows that a large amount of my time working is spent editing images from photo shoots and weddings.   What many do not know is that a significant portion of my time editing is done… at Chick-Fil-A. :)  And that’s actually how I met Holli!  Holli works at the Chick-Fil-A that I frequent and visits me in the corner booth where I love to stake out for hours.  One day she overheard me talking about how I wanted to photograph a couple in a nearby purple field — but I had to act quickly because I heard the field might be chopped down any day.  She promptly volunteered herself and her boyfriend as models, and I took her up on it!  We went “early” one morning to try to catch the morning glow of the sun rising… This shoot was actually a huge wakeup call for me — “You mean the sun rises way earlier than 8am?!”  I’m not typically a morning person, and my first hours of the day are usually spent answering emails from inside my home (and giving Ladybug morning cuddles).  Needless to say, the sun was much higher in the sky than I anticipated when we arrived.  Still, it was a great time hanging out with these two, and I love the photos we captured within the quick 20-30 minutes we were there.  Thanks Holli & Scott for being such great “models” and letting me try out different ideas, and I apologize if anyone thinks these are engagement photos. ;)

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Claire Diana