Kamie & Bayly
Athens Atlanta Georgia Engagement Photographer

October 2, 2018

Kamie & Bayly went to high school together, but they didn’t actually begin dating until their junior year of college. By that point, they were long distance (and have been ever since!). Currently Kamie is attending school in Milledgeville while Bayly is attending school in Athens. They’re both set to graduate this coming May… and they’re getting married right after graduation!

I was fortunate to sneak in an engagement session with them last week while Kamie was up visiting Bayly. We chose the botanical gardens and found some patches of wildflowers that I absolutely adored. I had seen a threat of rain in the forecast, so we moved the shoot up by an hour and then thought we were in the clear (but I’ve learned to NEVER fully trust weather forecasts in Georgia!). Unfortunately about halfway through the session, seemingly out of nowhere, everything changed. One second it was fine (albeit a little ominous), and the next second it was like a HURRICANE was on top of us. The sky went dark, the rain poured, and the winds destroyed the large umbrella I had pulled out within a matter of seconds. We ran to the car but were absolutely drenched by the time we got there. 

We had almost rescheduled that morning when we saw the forecast predicting rain in the evening, but you never know what Georgia weather is going to do, and I hate rescheduling and then seeing sunny skies (which happens more often than not). So we stuck it out since Kamie was already in town, and honestly I’m glad we did. The photos we captured before the storm hit are INCREDIBLE, we had the entire gardens to ourselves, and I learned how AWESOME this couple is. They had the best attitudes throughout the entire thing, and that’s what is important. Aside from not getting a “ring shot,” which everyone knows I LIVE FOR, the shoot really was perfection.

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The next two photos are back-to-back frames taken within 60 seconds of each other. The first at 5:35pm, the second at 5:36pm. This shows you how QUICKLY everything changed… and the huge smiles they still had on their faces even with the unfortunate timing. :)

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Claire Diana