Meredith + Griff in Alaska

July 19, 2016

When my best friend moved to Alaska, I immediately began dreaming of the day that I’d get to visit her and explore such a cool place.  And due to a short break in wedding season this July, I was able to take the time to travel.  Fortunately it happened to be the BEST time I could’ve gone…  The weather was a dream — 70’s & sunny with a cool breeze — and the “golden hour” that photographers swoon over lasts for HOURS in Alaska in the summertime.  My trip consisted of a flight tour around Anchorage, feeding reindeer, paddle boarding, shooting Tannerite, getting stuck in the wet silt from a glacier, and taking photos of the breathtaking scenery.

Meredith didn’t expect to meet the man of her dreams soon after moving to Alaska, but God had big plans for her & Griff.  It was the cherry on top of my trip getting to photograph these two and take advantage of such a gorgeous backdrop, because everyone knows I LOVE photographing couples. ;)  The first set of photos below were unplanned during a hike at sunset because I just couldn’t resist the golden light.  The second set were when I had officially asked if I could photograph Meredith with her boyfriend… I had so much fun exploring different locations and capturing their happiness!

To see some of my personal travel photos from the trip, follow me on Instagram! :) @claire_diana
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Claire Diana