Victoria & Robert

November 27, 2013

Victoria and Robert’s engagement session was definitely a first for me — rather than rescheduling due to bad weather, we decided to embrace the rain and do a “rainy-day engagement session.”  I’d never done a session in the rain before, and it was definitely a learning experience.  I now know to bring rain-resistant materials for people to sit on when everything is soaking wet (my blanket during this shoot soaked right through!).  The sad thing is that it didn’t ever rain hard enough for the drops to show up in photos… just hard enough to get everything wet.

I’m super glad we decided to go ahead and shoot on this day though, because I love the photos we captured!  The Fall leaves were still colorful, and Victoria and Robert brought awesome umbrellas to play with as props.  We decided to photograph on UGA’s North Campus and Downtown Athens, with a special trip to Snelling Dining Commons where the two met!  Both Bulldogs, Robert is a UGA grad, and Victoria will have her degree soon!

Claire Diana