Anna & Andrew

December 1, 2013

Anna and Andrew’s engagement session started out by nearly giving me a heart attack, but it ended up being so wonderful. Our first location was a large field, where Anna and Andrew asked if they could “frolic.”  Questions like that make me smile so big.  We ended up having so much fun in the field that when it was time to go, we couldn’t find Anna’s car keys anywhere. Piece of advice: never set small objects down in a field.  We must’ve searched for at least 20-30 minutes (it felt like so much longer as I got more and more nervous that we’d never find them!).  I watched as the sun got lower and we started losing daylight with still two other locations to go. Rescheduling would have been difficult, since Andrew attends Auburn University and works weekends.  We even called for someone to come pick us up.  And THEN two very kind police officers drove up and helped us search for the keys.  One of the officers somehow walked straight to them, probably 20 feet away from where we had been looking.  They were so sweet and completely saved our session!

We then took some shots at Oconee County High School where Anna and Andrew met.  Andrew pointed out that he knew exactly which Chemistry classroom it was and where the window was on the outside of the building if we wanted a photo there (is that not the cutest thing?!).  We then went to Herman C. Michael park where both Andrew and Anna worked and spent many special moments together, including the proposal!  I also learned that they both absolutely love Christmas, so we incorporated some Christmas props into the session as it got dark out.  

Anna and Andrew are so cute together and so fun! Every bit of their engagement session was a blast – playing on a playground, frolicking through a field, and getting tangled in some Christmas lights.  My only wish is that I would’ve had longer to photograph these two!  I want to say a big “thank you” to the two police officers that saved the day and our session, and to the couple for being so awesome to work with!

Claire Diana