Albums as Heirlooms
Athens Atlanta Georgia Wedding & Engagement Photographer

April 29, 2015

Albums & Accordions & Heirlooms, oh my!

Nothing makes me happier than when my wedding clients visit the studio to pick up their gorgeous albums and products.  These beautiful heirloom albums made of genuine Italian full-grain leather will age beautifully and be passed down and cherished for generations.

In case you missed it, you can read more about the importance of cherishing your photographs in printed-form as well as preserving your photographs over time — both topics I am very passionate about.

The most popular package I provide to clients is my album bundle, which consists of an album for the bride & groom as well as albums for each of their parents.  I’ve never succeeded at photographing my albums / products in a way that does them justice…  There is nothing quite like holding these quality albums, feeling the weight, flipping through the thick pages, touching the smooth distressed leather covers, and most of all, seeing your images beautifully displayed inside.

Below is a sneak peek of the products that my beautiful bride Victoria just picked up.

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Claire Diana