Claire Diana Photography Studio opens in Watkinsville

September 19, 2014

It’s been a crazy month to say the least, and I figure it’s about time that I blog about the biggest thing to happen to my business to date: Opening my own studio! 

As many of you know, I recently opened a studio on Main Street in Watkinsville, Georgia across from Elizabeth Ann Florist, Dover Grace Alternative Boutique, and next to Mr. Comic Shop. I held a ribbon cutting ceremony and Grand Opening on September 5th.

This has been such an exciting journey, and it’s still a little surreal. I remember the first time I stepped foot on this street in Historic Downtown Watkinsville. I remember looking at all of the adorable boutiques and salons and restaurants, and my dream of one day having my own studio space emerged. And for a while, it was a far-away dream that I pushed aside. With weddings as my focus, it only made sense to work out of my cozy little basement-apartment and keep costs down. I think there’s a lot to say about working with what you have, so even when I started doing indoor portraiture, I worked with the one window and tiny little corner where sunlight reached my basement. “I can make this work” is what I told myself, with the dream of an actual studio still seeming so far away. 

But as time went by, the dream kept growing, and I realized that God wanted to use me for MUCH more than just weddings. I really began diving into my new pursuit of empowering women through my indoor “Spotlight Sessions.” I worked with my surroundings and resources but felt very limited and that I was being pushed to do more. And that’s when God opened an amazing door, and there suddenly wasn’t a doubt in my mind that this was the next step in my journey. Within a month, I went from “no way will I have a studio any time soon” to signing a lease, ripping out carpet, painting walls, and having a studio that is more perfect than I could’ve ever imagined. 

I am beyond excited to use this space to keep dreaming. I have big plans for a new line of portraiture for women that I will be announcing later this Fall, so stay tuned!

For everyone who continues to believe in me and support my photography, I can’t thank you enough. Encouragement and support goes a long way, and I wouldn’t be writing this without you. To my mom and dad especially: thank you for ALL of your help with this huge endeavor and for constantly encouraging me to pursue my dreams. 

And for everyone with a dream, I can ASSURE you: No dream is too big or far away.

Because I am a huge believer in documenting life through photographs (obviously), and because this is a really big thing to happen to me, I knew I had to “go big or go home”. :) Clients are always telling me how scared or awkward they become in front of a camera, and trust me… I get it; I’m far more comfortable behind the camera. But I immediately reached out to one of my favorite photographers I follow, Elle Danielle Photography, and coordinated her coming to Athens for a shoot. And I am SO glad that I did. I love and will always cherish these photos. Another thing that’s very new to me, although my clients go through it all the time, is professional hair and makeup. Thank you to my dear friend, Nicole Yearwood of Inner Beauty Outward, for making me look and feel so absolutely beautiful. You have a real gift. 

Claire Diana