Julie in Savannah
Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer

September 15, 2015

I have photographed Julie every Spring and Fall for the last 2 years.  Since I primarily photograph weddings, it’s not often I photograph someone that frequently — and especially at her age (soon to be 15).  It’s crazy to watch her grow and mature before my eyes.  Be it her hair color, outfit choice, or increased confidence as she poses in front of my camera… She’s blossoming into a beautiful young lady, and it’s so special capturing these important years of her life.

When I told Julie’s mother that I had plans to travel to Savannah for work, she immediately booked a shoot with me in the area since Julie partially grew up there.  It means the world to me that clients will drive 4 hours on the only day I’m available in order to fit in a photo shoot with me.  I was so nervous leading up to this shoot because of the storm Erika and the rainy weather they were predicting… It wouldn’t be easy (and maybe not even possible) to reschedule my trip down there at such late notice.  Fortunately the rain held out just long enough for the shoot and it was glorious.  They showed me around River Street and I almost died at the sight of Spanish moss (so gorgeous and whimsical!).  We finished up the shoot by traveling to Tybee Island.  We got there right as the sun was setting, so it became very dark very quickly, but I still loved getting to capture a few photos of Julie with the lighthouse.  Enjoy just a few of my favorites below!  And to see Julie’s Spring photos and how much she’s grown in half a year, click hereathens senior photographerathens ga senior photographersavannah spanish moss photossenior spanish moss savannahsenior savannah bridgeathens senior photossenior pictures savannah gaathens senior photos gaathens senior high schoolurban senior photos streetriver street senior photography savannahsavannah senior river streetsavannah senior photos piertybee senior photos beach lighthousetybee lighthouse senior pictures

Claire Diana