Sandhya Turns 30
Athens Georgia Studio Portrait Photographer

May 26, 2020

I first photographed Sandhya over 6.5 years ago (what?!) when taking her graduation photos. It’s crazy how time flies! And I was so thrilled when she reached out about another photoshoot recently. She turns 30 next month and unfortunately isn’t able to celebrate the way she’d like to (thanks, Covid-19)… so she decided to gift herself a professional photoshoot. Y’all know I am ALL about having professional photos taken as a way to feel pampered and beautiful and special for a day. You don’t need a milestone or “reason” other than YOU DESERVE TO TREAT YO’SELF.

So anyway, Sandhya sent me her outfit ideas and a vision board while prepping for her session. The goal was to do part of the session inside my studio to achieve some classic and “sultry” black & white images. Sandhya absolutely CRUSHED this part of the shoot, and it challenged me because y’all know I tend to be all about COLOR in my images. We then did the second part outside and played with a more whimsical and glowy look.

This shoot shows you the amount of variety we can get all in one session. Sandhya also mentioned how nice it was after spending months locked inside during the quarantine to finally get dolled up and out of the house. I honestly think everyone needs a post-quarantine shoot. ;)

Isn’t she STUNNING?!?

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Claire Diana