Andy Kate | UGA Grad
Athens Georgia Senior Photographer

May 27, 2020

I absolutely loved meeting Andy Kate and finding out that we have so much in common! I got my start with photography when I was a student at UGA, and my first experience photographing a wedding was second shooting for Blane Marable. Turns out that Andy Kate has the same story! And just like I did, she is planning to go full time with photography after graduation. I’ve seen some of her work, and I can tell she has a BIG future in the photography industry, and I’m glad we can now be photog-friends. :)

We started her session at Ag Hill because she’s graduating from the College of Agriculture. We then headed to Sanford Stadium and took some really fun photos despite the field’s grass being brown AND the sprinklers being on at the time. Her mom tagged along and jumped in some shots because they’re both UGA grads now… Just like me & my mom! Andy Kate was a complete natural in front of the camera and was excited to show off that BOTH of her dresses had pockets. :) Congrats, Andy Kate, and cannot wait to continue our friendship!

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