Anniversary Canvas
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May 28, 2015

happy anniversary!

Y’all should know by now that I’m a huge believer in having tangible photo products as artwork displayed around the home.  If you don’t, read about it here and here. :)

Photos also make excellent gifts.  My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary just a few days ago (YAY!), and my mom surprised my dad with a canvas of a photo I took of them while vacationing at Edisto Island.  It now hangs above their bed where they can see it and cherish it every single day.  It acts as a reminder of their love and the journey they’ve been on for the last 30+ years.

Photos are memories, but often times they’re stored in a box and rarely sifted through, or stored in a file somewhere on some hard drive and rarely retrieved.  With physical, tangible products displayed in homes, you get to relive & cherish your memories daily.

This is also a great example of “the bigger, the better” … which I’m also a firm believer in!  Many of my clients tell me they want a “blown up canvas of their favorite wedding photo… we’re thinking 16×20.”  Think again.  There may be a time and place for a 16×20, but when it comes to photos on a wall, bigger really is better.  It becomes a statement piece.  It draws your eye to it and really displays the image in all its glory.  And it fills the space.  The space above my parents’ bed and over most couches in most living rooms would not be filled by a single 16×20 canvas.  A canvas cluster of multiple photos?  Yes.  But if it’s only one large photo, it needs to be large to adequately do the space justice.  This beach photo of my parents doesn’t look or feel too large in their room.  It fills the space wonderfully and definitely acts as a statement piece.  It is 30″ x 40″ at a depth of 1.5″.  That’s FOUR TIMES the size of a 16×20. :)

Shout out to Ladybug for helping me model the space.  Also, shouldn’t my mom be an interior designer?

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And the original photo:

edisto island botany bay wedding photographer

Claire Diana