Angel & Robert

July 11, 2014

It’s very rare that I don’t meet a couple before their wedding day, but this was the case with Robert and Angel. We had done phone calls for all of our communication, and even those calls weren’t my typical experience. When I would ask “timeline” questions, they’d say that they didn’t want there to be a strict timeline; They wanted to relax and enjoy the day as it happened. When I asked about the “shot list,” they said they didn’t really have one, but rather they trusted me to capture the day how I saw fit. They were so laid-back, and that’s pretty rare to encounter when working in the wedding industry. If I’m being honest, part of me was REALLY excited about this day, but part of me was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. 

I woke up at 5a.m.on Robert and Angel’s wedding day to get ready and hit the road for Due West, South Carolina. When I first stepped outside, the full moon was still in the sky. During my drive, I got to watch the sun rise across the pastures (there isn’t much on the way to Due West). It was gorgeous and peaceful and fitting for the day that lied ahead.

When I arrived to Erskine College in Due West, I finally got to meet Robert and Angel. What I will never forget is how these two looked at each other throughout the entire day… It was almost as if no one else were there. You could see the overflowing love and respect they had for each other in their eyes. The day ran so smoothly and peacefully I’m guessing because there weren’t many expectations. My natural tendency is to defer to my couples throughout wedding days and ask if they’d like to continue taking pictures, switch locations, take a break, etc. But any question I’d ask Robert and Angel, they’d calmly smile and say that they trusted my judgement. It was obvious that these two were focused on the bigger picture of their marriage and not the small details of their wedding day. 

It’s crazy how close I felt to Robert and Angel by the end of one day. Even their friends and family embraced me and encouraged me (on the wedding day AND since then). I feel very blessed to have been chosen to capture this day, and this wedding is one I will always remember and hold very dear to my heart.

Loved how these bridesmaids tended to Angel and helped me create beautiful images!

Claire Diana