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Jack contacted me over a month ago about proposing to his girlfriend Megan. I was instantly impressed by how much thought he had already put into creating the perfect surprise proposal. He & Megan actually met in Athens a little over 4 years ago, so even though they’ve since moved to Atlanta, he wanted to come back to where it all began. He brilliantly created a fake event for the Terry College of Business (his alma mater) to convince Megan to travel to Athens with him. He then scheduled lunch plans at The Last Resort before the “event” and dressed nicely to ensure that Megan would also wear something cute (no one wants to be wearing sweatpants when their proposal is captured :)).

While they walked across North Campus after lunch, I was waiting in position for the big moment. As they approached the UGA Chapel, Jack grabbed Megan’s hands and — I assume — shared sweet words with her before dropping to a knee (I was too far away with a zoom lens to hear, but watching Megan’s face light up was the cutest thing ever). I’ve never seen someone so surprised and ecstatic! The moment was full of so much JOY, and I love that these photos freeze that moment forever!

Once Megan turned and realized that a photographer had been capturing the moment, we took some fun photos around campus with the fall colors. Her engagement ring is the perfect mixture of vintage and modern, and it’s STUNNING. After explaining to Megan that the Terry College event was fake, Jack shared that they were going to have a fun evening in Athens celebrating the engagement. And the next day? They had plans to watch the game with both of their families as they celebrated some more. I just LOVE how thoughtful he is.

Congratulations, Megan & Jack!! I’m so glad that I was there to document this special time for y’all.

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