Mary | Boudoir
Athens Atlanta GA Boudoir Photographer

May 29, 2020

Many of y’all may recognize Mary… She works with a wedding hair & makeup company, so she has worked with several of my brides, and she also often does the hair & makeup for my boudoir sessions! We have a great time pampering our clients in the studio and making people feel like the beautiful creations they are. For a while now, Mary has commented about one day doing a boudoir session of her own, and recently we made it happen! It was so fun getting to play around at the studio and have Mary in front of my camera for a change. Also, she is STUNNINGGG. I was thrilled to hear that she was okay with me sharing some images from her session. The vast majority of my clients choose to keep their images private (totally understandable!), so this is actually the first boudoir session I’ve blogged. These images make me smile SO big, because Mary looks so CONFIDENT in them. Like, she seriously slayed this whole session.  I could write about how I believe every woman deserves an experience like this, but I figured I’d let Mary share some of her own thoughts: 

“Why did you decide to step in front of the camera and do your own boudoir session?”

I have been a makeup artist for 8 years and I have seen over time how positive this experience is. I have always said everyone should do a boudoir session at least once in their life. Working with Claire and her clients is so much fun and I wanted to experience the full session for myself. As women we have so many parts of us affected by our image and our bodies. Having autoimmune disorders and two breast cancer scares in my 27 years of life, I needed to see my body and see all the good it has done for me instead of seeing all of my imperfections.

“Why did you choose to trust me with this experience?”

I am so passionate about my clients, I want the best for them. Boudoir is one of those experiences that can be incredible or highly uncomfortable. I have witnessed both, and when I say Claire is by far one of the best, I am not exaggerating. I knew I would be comfortable with her; she makes you feel so welcome. She is amazing at guiding your posing and cheering you on.  I made an entire playlist to try and help me feel more relaxed in front of the camera but we had so much fun I completely forgot to play any music and you know that means we had a blast! And we can’t forget how talented she is on top of being amazing to be around. Her work is timeless… I wouldn’t be afraid for one of my future grandbabies to see these because her work is so tasteful.

“What was your favorite part of the experience?”

The session — I absolutely love the photos but I have to say how I felt during and after was such an amazing feeling. I have never felt so confident and dare I say beautiful. Working in the beauty industry I think there is a lot of comparison but this session really helped me to see that I could be beautiful just as I am.

“What advice do you have for anyone considering a boudoir session?”

DO IT!!! Stop waiting for the right time, this was incredible. I have never heard of anyone regretting doing a boudoir session, it’s truly amazing.

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