Becca & Alex

May 29, 2014

I loved exploring the gorgeous town of Bostwick, Georgia with this amazing couple, and I LOVE the images we captured.  I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next June!  

I met Becca years ago in high school and am so glad to have reconnected during this special time in her life.  When she and her sweet fiancé Alex met with me to discuss wedding photography, we started brainstorming ideas for their engagement session.  At first we were going to do the session in the Fall, but then Becca mentioned how much she’d love to do it in a field of flowers.  Ironically, I had just started obsessing over the idea of doing a session in a canola field a few days before our meeting.  I instantly knew Becca and Alex were the perfect couple for the shoot I had been envisioning, so we began planning.  I contacted other photographers and anyone I thought might know where we could find a field like this one.  Becca and Alex helped with the location scouting and actually went to check out this field in the tiny town of Bostwick, Georgia prior to the session.  The only problem was that we had a VERY small window of time before these flowers would no longer be in bloom.  My stomach dropped on the day of the shoot when I saw other canola fields completely green with no more yellow.  Needless to say, I was a little anxious the entire drive to Bostwick, just praying that we weren’t too late.  When I showed up, I was speechless at the location’s perfection, obviously caught just in time.  I could write a novel about how I see God’s provision in my sessions and how He opens doors at just the right times and connects me with the most incredible couples… And that’s exactly how I feel about this couple and this session. 

Claire Diana