June 3, 2014

It was extremely difficult for me to narrow down these photos to the amount of favorites I usually post to my blog.  When I saw Kailey for the first time in her dress during her Bridal Portrait Session, I was speechless.  We did the session at Vines Botanical Gardens in Loganville, which blew me away with its diverse and stunning backdrops.  With an amazing subject and amazing location, it wasn’t hard to take photos that I absolutely love.  The hard part was not sharing any of these photos till after her wedding day.  :)  Kailey is now married to the man of her dreams, and I will be blogging her wedding day shortly!  Big thanks to Kailey’s sweet grandma who accompanied us on the shoot and assisted!  Hair and makeup done by Vigilante Cosmetics.

Reasons to do a Bridal Portrait Session:

1) Trial hair and makeup!  It’s a great idea to do a trial run with your hair stylist and makeup artist prior to your wedding day.  You will learn how they work, how long hair and makeup will take on your wedding day (don’t leave this up to a guess), and how exactly you like your hair done (often times you change your mind once you see it on you!).  You will also be more confident going into your wedding day if you have already successfully achieved the look you are in love with.
2) Wear it twice!  Why buy an expensive dress that you love and feel like a princess in… and only wear it once?!  If your hair and makeup is already done, let’s throw that dress on and take some photos! You will enjoy it, and you will love the beautiful photos of yourself that you’ll take away.
3) Smoother wedding timeline!  There is a LOT going on during a wedding day and therefore a lot to photograph.  One way to make portraits take less time on your wedding day is to get some done beforehand.  If you already know you have gorgeous photos of yourself in your dress, we can snap a couple at your venue and then focus on “couples portraits” and other important shots on the big day. 
4) Switch it up!  Kailey told me prior to her bridal portrait session that she loves outdoor photos and the “sunset hazy look.”  However, her wedding day was such that her venue was a church in Atlanta (both ceremony and reception indoors), and her time for pictures was in the middle of the day with bright overhead sun.  Doing this session allowed us to choose a different location and a different time of day to “switch it up” and get those photos she wanted.  If you’re getting married in the winter, do your bridal portrait session in the Fall to get a different look!  Or go somewhere exotic that you wouldn’t have time to go to during your wedding day!  

Hope you enjoy these photos!

Claire Diana