Fun & Flowers in a Field of Cotton
Atlanta GA Engagement Photographer

November 2, 2014

Sometimes you just need to try something new.  I’ve been wanting to shoot in a cotton field for quite some time now, and I realized last week that the nearby fields were starting to be chopped down and harvested.  I could let another year pass without photographing the cotton, or I could get to work… so I did.  I began contacting people for permission to photograph in the fields, and then I contacted Wrenn.  She first popped up on my radar when I saw her beat box at an a cappella concert, and I’ve been following her work ever since.  She’s actually releasing her first album this coming week.  Check out her website [] for more details, and prepare to fall in love.
Meeting Wrenn was glorious.  She’s as sweet as she is talented as she is gorgeous.  Come to find out she’s actually a photographer as well and has done all of her own album artwork!  So impressive.  And since I’m a lover of couples’ portraits, I asked her to bring along her boyfriend and musical partner in crime, Chris.  I love the images we captured in the short 30 minutes we were there.  I hope you enjoy them as well.  And if you’ve been itching to do something (like photograph in a cotton field), make it happen!
Claire Diana