Amelia | UGA Senior
Athens Georgia Photographer

August 20, 2020

Amelia’s session is one that I definitely won’t forget. We were taking senior photos because she graduates from the University of Georgia in December, and the first things that stood out to me were her GORGEOUS curly hair and super cute glasses. Then she changed into her second outfit, which was a classy burnt orange dress, and I LOVE when UGA seniors stray from the classic “red, black, & white” in order to show some personality. Right after she finished changing into the orange dress, we were met with storm clouds and overcast skies. Normally overcast skies bum me out a little, because I’m a BIG fan of sunlight, but I love shooting up high when there is cloud cover… so I asked Amelia if we could spontaneously go to the top of a parking deck. Once at the top, we were met with DARK ominous clouds on one side but the sun still shining on the other. It was one of the weirdest weather situations I’ve ever encountered during a session. We were able to take some really epic photos with the contrast of light & dark. And then as we watched a lightning storm in the distance (visible bolts every few seconds), I turned my shutter speed to high+ and held it down in hopes that maybe I’d capture a bolt. You’ll have to scroll down to see!

Thank you, Amelia, for being down for anything, for being such a joy to photograph, and for trusting me with capturing this milestone. And CONGRATS!!!

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Claire Diana