Quick Tips for Summer Brides

June 9, 2014

Summer is peak wedding season for a variety of reasons.  As I’m now photographing a wedding every weekend and the temperature is in the high 80’s, sunny, and continually rising (not to mention the humidity in Georgia!), I’m faced with a topic every summer wedding couple should consider: heat and how it’s going to affect their day.  The last thing you want is melted makeup, bad sunburn, or someone being rushed to the hospital because of a heat stroke (this is a very real concern!).  I’ve gone ahead and written down a few quick notes/tips to summer brides:

I am a huge lover of outdoor photos, and therefore I will never suggest a couple do 100% of their photos inside to avoid the heat.  If your timeline isn’t set in stone yet, consider talking with your photographer about the best time and location to take outdoor photos.  The middle of the day in an open area with no shade leaves the sun beating down from directly overhead.  Temperatures in a shaded area can be 10 degrees cooler than in open sun, and different times of day can provide more shade than others.  

If the sun is going to be directly overhead, consider carrying umbrellas to block the sun between shots or when walking between locations.  Staying out of the sun as much as possible will help your body temperature as well as your skin.

If you’re having your makeup done professionally, your makeup artist will hopefully consider the heat when choosing products.  Liquid makeup melts just like any liquid in the sun, so if you’re doing your own makeup, try to stick with powders and pencils over liquids. 

A great thing to carry around on your wedding day is a fan.  Also they can be really cute, depending on which fans you choose.  White lacy ones for brides, or colorful ones for all of the bridesmaids to hold (and take a photo with!!), or matching the wedding colors… or I’ve even seen programs written on fans so that every attendee gets one!  The options are endless!  Cute paper fans are really cheap (less than a dollar each), and you’ll definitely appreciate having them!  Another option is to get a little, handheld, battery-operated fan (also $1 from Walmart!) for each person in the bridal party – they feel AMAZING and get the job done… but are slightly less cute in photos. :)

No, alcohol doesn’t count as hydration on your wedding day. ;) Make sure to bring plenty of water bottles for everyone in the wedding party, and continue to drink throughout the day even when you don’t feel like it.  Dehydration is a serious concern, and you want everyone to be as safe as possible in the heat.

If you’re having a summer wedding, let it look like one!  Consider lighter colors for your wedding colors and bridal party attire.  There is a time and place for black tuxes and navy floor-length bridesmaid dresses, but summer in Georgia might not be that time.  Also embrace the summer look by being a little less formal in your photos.  If it’s hot outside, let your groomsmen take off their suit jackets for some fun casual shots.  

Claire Diana