Karson & Ian
Botanical Gardens Elopement

November 5, 2021

Karson & Ian got married in their apartment in December 2020 after Covid threw a wrench in their ideas of having a “normal wedding.” They’ve since focused their energy on other exciting life events, such as buying a house and continuing their higher education. But a few months ago, they reached out to me about getting dressed up and taking some wedding photos, and I told them that’s an AMAZING idea to commemorate the special milestone. HIGHLY recommend. This was such sweet time spent with them, and now they’ll have these photos to print & display in their new home and to pass on to future generations. I should also mention that I squealed when I saw Karson’s name pop up in my email inbox, because just a few years ago I head the pleasure of taking her PhD photos from UGA. It was wonderful to reconnect and see her so happy with Ian. CONGRATS, y’all!!

P.S. About 3 minutes into the session, Karson stepped in an ant pile in this field and we then had to brush off SOOO many ants from her dress and legs. It was terrible, but she was such a trooper for the rest of the session, and you’d never be able to tell in these photos. #worthit??

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Claire Diana