Ringing in 2021!
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February 6, 2021

Well, it’s now February 6th, so this is officially the longest it’s taken me to get my “RINGing in the new year” blog post out there. But better late than never?

And maybe posting a blog full of rings right before Valentine’s Day makes sense… because I’m guessing I’ll be seeing a lot of ring announcements in the coming week!

While 2020 was not what anyone expected, compiling photos for this blog post reminded me that 2020 still brought a lot of really joyful moments for people.

If you’ve been following my annual ring blog posts, you know they’ve been exclusively focused on the diverse rings I get to photograph each year. But this year I wanted to show some of the faces of the amazing clients who get to wear these rings. AND you’ll see everything from proposals, engagements, weddings, dogs, boudoir, you name it.

When I look back at these photos and all of the people I got to photograph and stories I got to tell in 2020, I am so so grateful. My clients were such a bright light in what felt like a dark year at times. I am truly thankful for a job that is so centered around love and community.

And on that note, I hope you enjoy some sparkle!

If you want to take a look at recent years to see even MORE gorgeous bling, check out these past blog posts. It’s interesting to see how the trends change, and WOW I’ve seen a lot of different designs.

Another random fact: every year until this year, the photos were taken with a Canon 100mm 2.8 macro lens.  At the start of 2020 I switched to Sony, so the photos in this blog post are all taken with the Sigma 70mm 2.8 macro lens.  I doubt you’ll be able to tell the difference in the photos, which just goes to show that it is less about the gear and more about how you use it.

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Claire Diana